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saltwater fishing Saltwater fish live in open ocean water, as well as in coastal waters.  The ocean is full of many different species, most of which make delicious eating.  Saltwater fishing can be challenging, as most species are excellent fighters, and some grow to huge sizes.

Bluefish are probably the easiest of the saltwater fish to catch, and they are very plentiful.  Cod, croaker, drum, and flounder are all bottom-dwelling fish that are considered very good to eat.  If you are looking for a good fight, you won't be disappointed with barracuda, bonefish, drum, shark, or striped bass.

Saltwater fish need to be handled differently than freshwater fish.  As many species of saltwater fish have teeth or bony plates in their mouth that can hurt you, the fisherman should be sure to check the fish before placing fingers in its mouth.

deep sea fishing People who live near the ocean have access to a wide variety of fish, and they need only visit the local docks to see what the commercial fishermen are pulling in to see what's available.  There are several ways you can fish in saltwater, including putting bait out on the bottom and trolling offshore.  Saltwater fish are more plentiful than freshwater fish, and you can usually catch them faster and in larger numbers.  Saltwater fish are also easier to catch because they feed more voraciously.

If you don't live near the ocean, you'll need to travel in order to enjoy saltwater fishing.  Since many species don't come close to the shore, you'll also have to make arrangements for a boat.  As the ocean can be dangerous, an important part of saltwater fishing is knowing how to navigate and respect the sea.

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Saltwater Fishing Reels

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